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About us

SHIFT breathes life into design and videography with a touch of local flair and a broad stroke of creative innovation. We collaborate closely with businesses and individuals to craft not just visually stunning, but truly beautiful experiences.

Our passion is your project. From the initial sketch to the final cut, we infuse your vision with our inventive spirit to ensure that every design and videography piece isn't just a product—it's a masterpiece. Let's shape the future of your brand together, where every pixel and every frame tells a story worth remembering.

Founder & Operations Director

Ethan Fleming

Ethan has multiple years of experience in business development and consultation.

As a small business consultant, he oversaw the development of Horizon Car Society, which quickly grew to become South Australia’s leading automotive hobbyist event provider.

Driven to help others to achieve their peak, Ethan has since worked with over twenty other businesses, helping them increase both their client satisfaction, revenue, and future-proofing.

His passion for marketing and the creation of strong brand identities facilitates solutions to scalable business models and procedures for any type of company.

Through the skills, connections and experience fostered over half a decade in brand and business development, Ethan oversees the logistic and operational aspects of SHIFT’s clientele.

N: Ethan Fleming

P: 0404 968 707


Founder & Creative Director

Caleb Voortman

Caleb has experience in multiple roles working in marketing and design for the last five years. He has served as a deputy communications director of community radio stations and as a design and media consultant for Adelaide University, Adelaide Hills Touring, E85 Media and CRC Churches International.

He received both a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) and a Bachelor of Media (Digital Technologies) from the University of Adelaide in 2020.

As a freelancer, Caleb has several years of experience as a graphic designer, voice-over artist and editor in both videography and copywriting.

Utilising the skills and experience attained through an eclectic communications career, Caleb oversees the branding, design and marketing narratives at SHIFT.

N: Caleb Voortman

P: 0431 427 337


Our Culture

Innovate each project with no exceptions.


Always overdeliver to our clients.


Build things that inspire people.